Fray Tormenta

Fray Tormenta (Frier Storm) is a luchador with a very unusual story. The masked wrestler’s real name is Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez, he is a roman catholic church and was a wrestler for over 23 years in Mexico.

He got the idea of becoming a priest and supporting an orphanage as a child, but did not attract the circumstances until he was a young man. At age 22 he joined a diocese and later opened an orphanage. He supported the needs of the home and the children by wrestling!

If this sounds familiar, you got it. His story was the inspiration for a few films including one in France, and one in North America ( the beloved Nacho Libre). For his efforts and kindness to hundreds of children we gladly salute him and keep him in our prayers.

His beautiful mask is red and gold. He wears it during sermons even to this day!

The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard — Mysteries Ahoy!

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The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard — Mysteries Ahoy!