About Us

Hi There,

We are a Canadian based family company. The three rivers represents the three of us.

We started the company in 2018, as our daughter has a passion for selling! She asked at the age of 8 if she could have an online store and well our research has created it. Here though you will find our blog and our passion for the different lines:

  • Whodunit?– the mystery line that started us off. We have T-shirts and mystery apparel for every age and every sleuth. Please click our link down below to see the store, otherwise just enjoy our blog, our riddles and games posted each week. The Whodunit line is represented by our own detective: The French Detective, Michel Montcliff. We have had a lot of fun creating the mysteries and the adventures of Andre.                                                                                          Mystery Logo


  • The MexiCanuck Line : is a creation of Francisco Rios, as an immigrant to Canada he has always felt a part o the two Countries Mexico and Canada, but also as an alien. To see his story please check out our blog page: The Mexicanuk

Mexicanuck colour emb VP

  • Viola’s Gullibles: This is the creation of our daughter Viola. The story of     Viola started when she was in grade 3. As you can tell, she drew the Logo herself and is very proud of it.

Title and Pig Web


Our family line is diverse and changing all the time. Please check back here for information regarding the company, and click the link to the store if you are interested in checking out any of our products.

We would like to thank all our family and friends for their everlasting support and enthusiasm with all thing Three Rivers, and more. Triple Thank-Yous!









And last but not least, never stop smiling…