About MexiCanuck

The MexiCanuck is exactly as it sounds: it is a person proud of two Countries and two cultures.

I grew up in Mexico City, but immigrated to Western Canada in 1996. I feel strongly about the two nations and have had an interesting time amalgamating the two cultures together. For instance I now like perogies, but only if there is a little fresh salsa to go along. I have also gotten a taste for bacon (both regular and back bacon). And I really enjoy watching both soccer (Futbol), Canadian football and hockey games!

At first, I had a hard time accepting that I have a home in two great nations, but now it is second nature and I can laugh at the strange moments, when I miss interrupted language, hand signals, driving habits, and a whole mess of other things. My wife and I created a series of sayings and funny shirts to commemorate these experiences. We hope that you like them! There will be many more to come…


If you have any funny stories or advice on being multicultural, please let us know, we would love to hear all about it!



Kind Regards!