The Genius of Agatha Christie

The Reader in the Rye

Agatha Christie is arguably one of the best authors of all time. But the question many ask is, why? What sets her works apart from any other zealous writer?

When I read Murder on the Orient Express, I was intrigued for most of the book, but it was my first Christie read. While making my way through the book I wondered what it was that was so fascinating to Christie’s fans. Sure, Poirot was charming, but I wasn’t that impressed. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, it hit me. My jaw dropped to my chest, eyes bulging out of my head, trying to read faster than humanly possible. The reveal was a masterpiece. I’d never have seen it coming. All I could do was gawk and gasp at the last twenty pages, wanting only to shovel each page into me, like a delicious bratwurst.

That was only the beginning. After a regretted…

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